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Office Cleaning

Dawar Express cleaning services is one of the leading providers of office cleaning services in Doha, Qatar. We fully understand that as a business entity, it’s absolutely essential for you to keep your workplace neat and clean.

We know that if it’s not clean, it'll affect the productivity of your workers. And on top of that, it'll also frustrate your guests, which can harm your character seriously. So we give quality office cleaning service to you at competitive rates.

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House Cleaning

Dawar Express cleaning services is one of the leading providers of housekeeping services in Doha, Qatar. Our cleaning experts make sure to perform the regular cleaning of your house at your most accessible time.

You have the luxury of spending your precious free time with musketeers & family, while our technical cleaning professionals makes sure your private space is safe.

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Restaurant Cleaning

If you are looking for Best Restaurant Cleaning Service in Qatar, then Dawar Express cleaning services is the place to call. We offer a variety of cleaning services to suit any need and budget. Dawar Express has been providing professional kitchen cleanings since 2020. We will deep-clean kitchens from top to bottom, including appliances and backsplash tiles

It’s not hard to see why we ’re so popular with our guests – we offer top- quality work at affordable rates, and give flexible scheduling options that fit into any schedule.

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School Cleaning

A school may be a place where students spend most of their time within each day . It is a special environment that exists to improve the learning process of children. On this note, apart from quality education, health and security of the youngsters are one among the highest concerns of nearly every parent and faculty official.

Germs and bacteria are everywhere during a school – classrooms, cafeteria, toiletries, library, playground, and other areas; thus, constantly cleaning is required. More than that, the varsity environment are often said to affect student performance and morale either positively or negatively.

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Bank and Mall Cleaning

To ensure that your building is always a clean, healthy, and safe environment, trust the cleaning experts at Dawar Express Clean. We provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by 50+ Proffesional Cleaners.

Using the latest technologies and procedures, our professional commercial cleaning services help you protect your customers and employees.

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Hospital Cleaning

Cleanliness and hygiene is vital in any public place, but in hospitals and medical practices it is critical due to the fact that the spread of germs can endanger individuals who are already at risk.

Therefore, keeping cleaning standards at the very best level isn't only important to stick to legislation, but also will help save health care services time and money. Hospital cleaning may be a crucial a part of overall health and safety, as it’s a serious contributor to controlling the spread of infections.

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Apartment and Villa Cleaning

Germs suppress the immune system and cause you to become sick. However, by continuously cleaning your home with a quality disinfectant, you can kill up to 98 percent of the daily germs and it also helps to keep your family healthy.

If you clean regularly and effectively, your house as it will always look as good as new.

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